Creative Architectural Acoustics

About Us

At Decibel Design Solutions Inc. we are at the forefront of innovation and design of various architectural acoustical products. We represent manufacturers from New Zealand, USA, Canada and Germany.

Decibel Design Solutions is a leading supplier of aesthetic, acoustical, tackable, magnetically receptive wall surface solutions, custom design architectural ceiling systems and Wood Veneer laminated acoustical wall claddings.

We constantly strive to improve upon that original concept and are continually introducing enhancements to existing products, with our new products range like customizable cluster ceiling, and acoustical Veneer laminated wood walls & ceilings. Pre-made and Modular Floating-fabric Wall Panels as well as a variety of other vertical surface solutions and supporting products including Baffles, Clouds, Privacy Panels, Acoustical Wall Art, Large Format Graphics and many others.

Value Engineering

Our technical support “value engineers”, are knowledgeable and available.  They can work with you and your client to help determine the best course of action to achieve the aesthetic, acoustical, solution desired.  This may not be as readily apparent as often though, determining the suitability of any decorative finish can be a complex issue. –our systems can make it easier..

Our expertise is in providing Design & Build solutions and our team is well trained to install all products that we represent to the manufacturers specification.

We work directly with architects, designers, facilities directors, maintenance managers and contractors in the concept and planning stages of a project.  We assist in the design, functional requirement analysis, layout, material selection, even setting installation schedules, with a single objective in mind to achieve an end result that meets the client’s requirements and that is done as cost effectively as possible.  This will help avoid costly mistakes and the resultant budget overrun.

Environmental Policy

Our strong commitment is protecting the environment, coupled with an understanding, of how products and design must work together, in order to achieve sustainability, that is the foundation of our Environmental Policy. At Decibel Design Solutions Inc. we understand that the essential aim of sustainable design is to source products and services in a way, that reduces the use of non-renewable resources and minimizes environmental impact. Projects that require low to no V.O.C.’s, formaldehyde free products, Bio-based coverings, items dealing with green building, or simply the need to meet certain LEED criteria- our Decibel Design Solutions system can meet those needs.